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Achieving Success — Like most of you, I’m constantly asked “So what do you do?” and my answer is always “Well, it depends on what day it is!” — Of course this is always met with a few chuckles and then inevitably “No, really… What exactly do you do?” — Well… if you stick around long enough and return often, you will come to find, it really does depend on what day it is… || Wisdom — Every person who passes through your life has experiences you can learn from if you are willing to listen. Sadly, many people don’t spend enough time truly listening and most who profess to listen, rarely incorporate the lessons others were willing to freely teach them into their daily lives. With that said… Here’s Lesson #1) — If you neglect to say hello to a stranger, share a smile in passing, or reach out and help those in need, you are failing one of the most fundamentally critical test we are here to take. Lesson #2) — In order for us to experience true peace and happiness we must always be anxiously engaged in a good cause, it’s just that simple. As such, I strive each day to make these two principles a significant part of my daily routine and I have made it my personal mission to improve upon those skills a little more each day; may each of us strive to exemplify these philosophies by doing all we can to make a difference whenever and wherever we can and make today… December 12, 2018 – day one…